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At GRIETJE CONCEPT & DESIGN, fetishes and kinks should not remain a secret hobby. Places, platforms and locations need to come up with new ideas, concepts and designs. This is the only way to create places where people can safely discuss their kinks.

That's why I want to create places that bring people together. I also want to create designs that give people the feeling that they don't have to be ashamed of their kinks and fetishes. Everyone should be able to live out their preferences and desires and talk about them openly.

GRIETJE CONCEPT & DESIGN will therefore support entrepreneurs and private individuals in this scene. To ensure that clubs, rental rooms, locations and stores remain safe places of interaction for interested people. Everyone should be able to create their own place to feel comfortable.

In this way, the world of fetishes will also be appealing to new generations and is not just remaining red and black.

Grietje Kinks Planung Design Fetische

Who I am

My focus is on interior design and the creation of business concepts. I specialize in fetishes such as BDSM and swingers, but also every other topic of the erotic sector. Through my training in interior design, I develop individual and unique business concepts and interior designs for private individuals and entrepreneurs.

With over 10 years of experience in the fetish sector, I understand you and the various fetishes. My personal experience mainly covers various topics in the BDSM area, as well as regular visits to swingers clubs and many other personal experiences.

At the same time, I work as a business consultant for entrepreneurs in the erotic and fetish industry. My specialist knowledge and personal experience as well as my work as an interior designer provide me with the necessary know-how. I know the industry and its customers as well as the needs of an entrepreneur.

I gained my business knowledge through my studies in business administration and through working in various medium-sized and large companies. Here I worked in sales, marketing and project management.

With these skills, my expertise and my experience, I can help you and your company to move forward. Together we will increase your profitability, build your reputation and start with a new design! This is the only way to reach a new audience and to keep your company in this industry long term.

I will accompany you personally and directly on your project - throughout Europe!


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