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For Swinger Sclubs
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01 Modern Design

No longer red and black! No longer a shabby image! We can advise you on new designs and a modern image.

02 Interior Design

Do your customers feel comfortable at your place? Our interior designers will give your rooms an update!


Do your customers know what you have to offer? Let us help you with social media content and advertising!


Are you listening to your customers? Do you allow criticism? Stay true to yourself and find out how you can increase customer loyalty to your company!

I advise clients and entrepreneurs in the erotic industry (e.g. sex stores, swingers clubs or BDSM clubs).
I mainly focus on tools such as branding, marketing, logo design and unique interior design!

Together we will develop suitable concepts for you and your business! Do you want to know how to reach new customers? How to welcome more women into your premises? How to improve your reputation? Do you want to implement new ideas, grow your business or simply get an evaluation?
Gemeinsam mit dir erarbeiten wir passende Konzepte für dich und dein Unternehmen!

Du willst wissen wie du neue Kunden erreichst? Wie du mehr Frauen in deinem Räumen willkommen heißen kannst? Wie dein Ruf sich verbessern lässt? Willst du neue Ideen umsetzen, dich weiterentwickeln oder einfach nur eine Einschätzung erhalten?

At Grietje Concept & Design we develop fresh ideas together! Whether for interior design or the creation of new concepts. I'll provide you with advice on how to develop and expand your business!

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Steps that will help you to get moving

New Concepts

The money is lying on the street. You don't think so? Find out now how you can reach new audiences with fresh ideas!

Marketing & Sales

Developing sales concepts for social media & advertising campaigns as well as consultancy on logo and corporate design.

Interior Design

Interior design, floor planning and conceptual design for club and business locations. Planning and compliance with hygiene and safety requirements included. Creation of themed rooms.

Furniture Design

Furniture design for individual fetish furniture (e.g. St. Andrew's cross), play areas or lounge furniture.

Customer relationships

Profitable strategies for the acquisition of new customers and the development of customer relationships.

Cost patterns & financing

Review of existing cost structures and identification of potential for improvement and development of financing concepts.

Material & lighting

Consultation on the selection of wall and floor finishes. Design of atmospheric lighting and lighting.

3D modeling & visualization

Visualizations of rooms as photos or videos for advertising purposes.

How I support you

As a partner in your project, I support and accompany you from planning to implementation. No matter whether it's about business issues or your corporate design.

The goal is clear: more sales and a profitable company on a long-term basis. In other words, a good reputation in the industry as well as returning customers and new customers on a regular basis. It doesn't matter whether your business is a swingers club, a BDSM club, an erotic store, a porn movie theater or a vacation apartment for fetishes.

We achieve this goal through balanced planning and the modernization of your company. This can involve financing and cost structures as well as updating your public image. Space planning and corporate design can help your company to be profitable in the long term.

Basically, it's about helping the erotic industry to take the step to its next level. That's why I use my knowledge of interior design as a supporting element for entrepreneurial issues. This gives you the opportunity to reach new customers with new designs. You will quickly see how your reputation will change!

Contact me for a free first consultation and receive your individual offer!


Find the package that suits your needs best!

1. Simple Change
For small projects with a need for optimization

You get an overview of potential and opportunities for improvement

2. Best Practice

From the first meeting to planning

With this program you are ready to tackle the new transformation straight away!

3. Upper Level

The full program

Ready for soemthing new?
Let's get started!


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Paket 1

Simple Change
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Paket 2

Best Practice
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Paket 3

Upper Level
Interior Design Collage Fetisch BDSM

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