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In my day-to-day work, I intensively explore issues of identity, marketing and design in the erotic scene. This is more than just a business aspect for me and my company. It is a personal subject for me.

We live in a modern, diverse world in which the topics of education and awareness about sexual identities, preferences and fetishes are becoming increasingly important. These topics are not only relevant in the adult industry, but for the whole of society.

Whether it’s an erotic store, a swingers club or a porn cinema – the need to understand and embrace these issues cannot be neglected. In order to be successful as an adult business in Europe on a long term basis, it’s essential to deal with the diversity of sexual preferences and identities.

The commitment to grasp the importance of these issues goes beyond financial aspects. It also concerns our responsibility towards society. Companies cannot and should not ignore this responsibility.

At a time when media plays a crucial role in the education of society as a whole, erotic companies need to consider how they want to present themselves. A modern, open design that reflects the diversity of sexual identities and preferences sends a clear message of acceptance to customers and visitors. It creates a space where everyone feels welcome and respected.

Another important aspect is the presence of educational materials in these spaces. Brochures, posters or digital content can provide information about sexual identities, preferences and fetishes. Not only does this promote awareness, it also encourages dialog between customers, guests and employees.

In a world that is increasingly committed to diversity and openness, it is up to stores and clubs to contribute. A modern, open-minded design not only signals tolerance, but also the will to educate and integrate. Together, we can work towards an inclusive future, breaking down barriers and creating a world where everyone can freely and respectfully express their identity and preferences.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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