Fetish 2.0

Discover the potential of your interiors

A new generation

Swingers and fetishes are more than just vinyl, leather and neon lights! Don't you think so? Find out now how you can reach new audiences with fresh ideas!

Interior Design

Unique room designs can create a modern location with a memorable impression and an attractive appeal!

Furniture design

Individual furniture design, unique fetish furniture and play areas create new types of play and special experiences!

Do you have a company in the erotic industry? Are there still too many solo men? Hardly any new girls in the club? Is your audience getting older and older? Let me advise you and find out how you can change that!

Are you looking for the right design for your fetish? The perfect interior design that integrates everything? Or do you want to secretly integrate your fetish into your living space?
Sign up now and get your personalized design!

Personal and hands-on

As a qualified interior designer and business consultant with over 10 years of knowledge of the swinger, BDSM and fetish scene, I provide client-oriented and business-related advice.

Interior Design Fetisch

Everything from SM, bondage, DDLG, to clinic rooms, etc.

Swingersclubs or other places for social gatherings

Owners of vacation apartments or rental rooms who have a correlation to BDSM, swingers or the erotic industry.

Stores (e.g. erotic stores), porn cinemas, etc.

Anyone who wants to realize their own play area in their home!


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